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The typical 120-year-old current slip nut setup, requiring the use of tools for installation and repair, allows for the wide spread water leakage and damage that we all have been used to ---UNTIL NOW!

These tools are required for the installation and repair of the current 120-year-old slip nut compression technology.  This insufficient compression technology has never been improved upon since it was invented---UNTIL NOW!

These are new working QUICK NUTS, which are retail-ready and can use on any standard tubular pipe configuration and washer currently on the market.

With THE QUICK NUT installed, it's quick, clean and easy, while creating the tightest possible compression fittings with no need of any tools whatsoever---INSTALLED JUST BY HAND.

THE QUICK NUT comes in white for all PVC pipes opens and closes with only light hand pressure for the tightest possible compression fitting and SECURE SEAL.

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